Wedding Dress Cleaning & Preservation

Wedding Dress Preservation

Wedding Dress Preservation

  • Pratt Abbott will clean and preserve your wedding dress
    to the highest standards.
  • All cleaning and preservation  is done in-house by
    specially trained professionals.
  • Preserving your dress will safeguard your memories for generations.
  • All preservations come with a lifetime guarantee against caramelized sugar stains and yellowing.
  • We are the only company in Maine endorsed by the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists.

Wedding Dress Preservation

Wedding Dress Cleaning & Preservation

Wedding dress preservation can help you retain the value and wearability of your wedding dress for generations to come.

All wedding dresses must be cleaned to remove visible and invisible stains prior to being preserved. Even if your dress looks perfect to the naked eye, tears and oils from your fingers can cause damage over time. Your dress will be cleaned in-house by specially trained professionals. 

wedding dress preservation

"Pratt Abbott did the most wonderful job cleaning, repairing and preserving my wedding dress. The dress was pretty torn up and dirty from a muddy outdoor wedding and after the cleaning and 'historical preservation' services the dress was back to new condition."—Sam M.

Once cleaned, your wedding dress is preserved in acid-free paper and an acid-free wedding dress chest, according to the highest standards.

Pratt Abbott uses the preservation process certified by the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists (AWGS) and endorsed by the Association of Bridal Consultants. Your non-metallic accessories, such as your veil, garter and ring pillow, can be included in your MuseumCareTM viewing box (but metallic accessories must be stored separately).

Your chest’s built-in viewing pane is the preferred method for revisiting your memories—until the time comes to share them with another.  

All preservations come with a lifetime guarantee against caramelized sugar stains and yellowing.

Whether you plan to keep your wedding dress or sell it after the ceremony, professional cleaning and preservation is a must.

When your gown is going to be used again, return it to any AWGS member in more than 500 cities around the world, and your gown will be inspected and pressed at no charge.

For more information about wedding dress cleaning and preservation, please call our Garment Care Coordinator, Angela Emery, at (207) 210-5127, email her at, or fill out our contact form.

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