Wedding Dress Preparation

Wedding Dress Preparation

Wedding Dress Preparation

  • Most wedding dresses need to be steamed or pressed before you walk down the aisle. 
  • Pratt Abbott is Maine's best Wedding Garment Care specialist.
  • We provide prep services for your entire wedding party, including the bride, groom, bridesmaids, groomsmen and other attendants.
  • You can ship your garments to us and we'll have them
    ready before your wedding day! 
  • We also do wedding dress restoration and pre-ceremony cleaning. 
  • All garment care done in-house by trained professionals.
Wedding Dress Preparation

Before the Ceremony

“I am a bride from NYC who needed my handmade dress cleaned and pressed the next day. Not only did they comply, but with wonderful service and hospitality. I even received a handwritten congrats card from them upon pick-up! Thank you again for helping make my day complete.”—Kristy L. 

Wedding Dress Preparation

No matter how carefully you store and transport your wedding dress, wrinkles, creases, crushing and dust are difficult to avoid. Even the simplest wedding dress will need professional preparation for the big day. Elaborate wedding dresses with ruffles, pleats or beading require even more intensive care. Trust Pratt Abbott to steam and press your wedding dress so it is fresh and flawless on your wedding day.

How to get your wedding dress to us? If you’re planning a destination wedding in Maine, you can ship your wedding dress to Pratt Abbott “from away,” and we’ll have it ready for you when you arrive. If you’re local, you can drop off your wedding dress at any of Pratt Abbott’s 12 locations, or contact our Garment Care Coordinator, Angela Emery. She can arrange to have your wedding dress picked up before the ceremony and delivered back to you—even to your venue.

Whatever method you choose, Angela will personally oversee the care of your wedding dress while it is with Pratt Abbott. Unlike many companies, Pratt Abbott does all garment care in-house. When you trust us with your wedding dress, it never leaves our hands.

Your wedding party and honored guests can also have their dresses and suits professionally prepped by Pratt Abbott. This is especially helpful when members of the party are traveling.

For more information about Wedding Dress Preparation, please call Angela at (207) 210-5127, email, or fill out our contact form. 

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