How to Care for Your Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress Care Tips

Wedding Dress Care Tips

  • Wondering how and where to store your wedding dress before the big day? 
  • How should you deal with last-minute stains and spots on
    your beautiful wedding dress? 
  • What should you have on hand in your emergency care
    kit on your wedding day? 
  • How should you care for your wedding dress after the ceremony to retain its value? 
  • What are the benefits of preserving your wedding dress? 
  • Read below for answers to all that and more! 


Wedding Dress Care Tips

Wedding Dress Care Tips From the Professionals…

Before the Wedding
wedding dress care tips

  • Do not store your bridal gown in any part of the house where drastic changes in temperature or humidity occur. For example, avoid storing in the attic or basement.
  • Do not store your wedding dress in a plastic garment bag or in a vacuum-sealed, plastic-wrapped container. Plastic bags emit fumes that will yellow your gown and tightly sealed containers will trap moisture, causing your gown to mildew.
  • Wrap your gown in a clean sheet to protect it from light and dust.
  • Always hang your bridal gown by the loops located inside, never by the shoulder straps. By using these loops, you can avoid stretching or sagging at the seams.
  • When traveling with your wedding dress we suggest wrapping key areas of the dress, such as an embellished bodice, with uncolored, acid-free tissue paper. If the dress must be packed, you can wrap the folds with tissue paper to avoid wrinkling.

After the Wedding

wedding dress care tips
  • Spills such as soda, wine and cake contain sugar that will dry without leaving a visible mark. Sugar does not dissolve during ordinary drycleaning, caramelizes over time and creates ugly brown stains.
  • Ask a specialist to inspect your wedding gown before having it preserved and placing it in the acid-free, archival-quality wedding chest.
  • Have your bridal gown cleaned and preserved immediately after your wedding to avoid permanent staining and discoloration.
  • Green preservation  process: Carbon emissions are generated with use of any solvent, even if only from the electricity needed for machinery. calculates the carbon emissions from your travel to and from our location to the cleaning and preservation process, to the wedding chest. Our donations to offset the entire carbon footprint and uses our donations to fund worldwide reforestation projects.
  • A headpiece and veil, petticoat, gloves, garter, and handkerchief may all be stored with your gown in the acid-free, archival-quality wedding chest.
  • Shoes should not be stored with your gown because fumes from the leather and glue may cause damage.
  • Guarantee: Preservation comes with a 100% guarantee against caramelized sugar stains or yellowing of your gown.

Emergency Care

  • Safety pins: These tiny life-saviors will help you get through the evening and protect you from rips, broken bustle loops, torn straps, and broken zippers. If you can, avoid using sticky tape or staples for quick-fixes as you run a risk of damaging the fabric of your wedding gown. wedding dress care tips
  • Silks and rayons: These fabrics are water sensitive! Be cautious of creating permanent water spots.
  • Know the fabric of your gown: By thoroughly understanding the fiber content, may it be artificial or natural, you can better treat stains. Sometimes the best course of action is to leave the spot alone until it can be professionally treated.
  • Coffee, mud, tea, or other water-soluble stains: Dab the spot gently with cool water, or club soda, and air dry. Rubbing the stain hard will damage the finish of your gown.
  • Grease, lipstick, and other cosmetics: These stains can only be dissolved by volatile dry solvents. Again, the best option is always to leave the stain alone and allow a professional cleaner do the work.
  • Camouflaging: You can actually cover-up some non-soluble stains using white and relatively harmless substances like baking soda, cornstarch, or baby powder.
  • Remove shallow wrinkles with a hot hair dryer or hand steamer. DO NOT use steam on silk! Steam will cause silk to crinkle.
  • Do not have anyone with a fresh manicure or dark nail polish help with your dress.
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