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Traveling with your wedding dress is not only a hassle, it can cause wrinkles and even damage. If you're traveling to Maine for your destination wedding, ship your wedding dress to us ahead of time for professional pre-wedding preparation. 

You will have one less thing to worry about when you arrive in Maine for your wedding.  

We’ll steam and press your wedding dress so it's in flawless condition for your wedding day. We'll even deliver it to your wedding venue, hotel, or residence—or you can pick up your dress at one of our convenient locations. (Don't worry, we know how to pack it properly so your dress won't wrinkle on the last leg of your trip.) 

If your wedding party is traveling, instruct them to send us their dresses and tuxedos as well. Then you can relax knowing everyone will look great.

Before you send us your wedding dress, make sure you contact our Garment Care Coordinator, Angela Emery. Just fill out the form and she'll get in touch. Or call her right now at (207) 210-5127. 

Our shipping information:

Pratt Abbott
Attention: Angela Emery
109 Cottage Road
South Portland, ME 04106-3610

We can't wait to see your beautiful dress!