Free Seasonal Storage

free seasonal storage

Free Seasonal Storage

  • Make room in your closets with our free storage solution.
  • We clean and press your items, then store them free of charge.
  • Our storage facility is safe, clean and climate-controlled.
  • We store clothes, household items, and gear. 
  • Available at any location or through free delivery.

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free seasonal storage

Free Seasonal Storage

Why clutter your home with off-season items? 

When you clean your sweaters and coats at the end of a long winter, we know you don’t really want to see them again until the weather turns crisp in the fall. When you pack up your camp at the end of September, you’d rather not have your summer linens taking up space and mildewing in your basement. You won’t need them again until late spring. That’s why Pratt Abbott offers free  storage of your off-season items! 

Here’s how it works: 

  • You drop off your seasonal items at one of our 12 locations, or you give them to your delivery driver.
  • Pratt Abbott carefully cleans your items using dry cleaning, wet cleaning or wash-dry-fold—depending on the garments and your preference.
  • Pratt Abbott stores your items safely until you need them.
  • When you want your items back, simply call Pratt Abbott (or tell your driver) and let us know. 
  • You pay for the cost of cleaning the items*, but there is absolutely no storage fee! 
*All cleaning must be paid for at drop-off.

As with all of our services, you can request seasonal storage at any of our 12 locations, or through free delivery. 

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