Garment Care Prices and Services

Premium service at competitive rates

When you do business with Pratt Abbott, you can be proud to support a local, family-owned company that takes care of its employees and invests in our community. 

  • Our prices are competitive with other area cleaners and laundromats.
  • All cleaning is done using the eco-friendly GreenEarth Cleaning method at no extra charge. 
  • Each garment is hand-finished and inspected.
  • Button replacement and small mending is complimentary.
  • Comforters and blankets are returned in non-woven bags, just like brand-new. 
  • Free storage available upon request.
  • All services available with free delivery in Greater Portland

If you have any questions, please fill out the contact form. Thank you for choosing Pratt Abbott! 


Garment Care Price List 

These are the prices for our most popular garment care services. Can't find what you're looking for? Download our complete price list, or fill out the form to contact a member of our staff. 

Prices noticeGarment Care Prices

Suit (two-piece): $16.80
Tie: $3.75
Laundered executive shirts:
    • On hanger: $3.35
    • Folded/boxed: $3.70 (Perfect for business travel!)
    • Regular: $8.40
    • Cashmere/angora: $9.66 
Shirt/blouse: $8.40
Polo shirt: $6.35
Dress: $16.80
Skirt: $8.40
Pants: $8.40
Shorts: $7.10
    • Blazer: $8.40
    • Full-length coat: $18.45
    • Ski jacket: $19.70
    • Down jacket: $22.90
    • Windbreaker: $12.20



Comforters, bedspreads, quilts, and blankets are returned to you in non-woven bags for protection and easy storage. 

Comforters, Bedspreads, Quilts:
    • Twin: $25.70
    • Full: $26.75
    • Queen: $34.45
    • King: $35.50
    • Twin: $19.30
    • Double: $20.40
    • Queen: $25.70
    • King: $26.70
Tablecloth:  $20.70

Wash, Dry & Fold

$1.75/lb (10 lb minimum)


To see estimated prices for mending and alterations, please visit our Alterations & Repairs page. 

Prices are subject to change and we assess a 10% surcharge for specialty fabrics, colors, and cuts.

Download a PDF of our complete price list.

For pricing on wedding dress prep, cleaning, and preservation, please contact Angela Emery at (207) 210-5127.

All services are available with free delivery in Greater Portland.

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