Free American Flag Cleaning

Protect and Defend the Stars & Stripes

Free American Flag Cleaning


At Pratt Abbott, every day is Flag Day! 

We clean American flags for free, every day of the year. No other purchases are required. Just bring your flag to any of our 14 locations. Or if you're a Free Home Delivery customer, tell your driver you'd like to have your flag cleaned. 

We require a one-week turnaround time for all American flag cleaning. This is partly because we have to take extra special care of American flags. You can rest assured that your flag will be handled with proper respect while it's with us. For detailed information on how to care for your flag, read this blog post

Cleaning your flag not only keeps it looking bright, it also helps preserve its life.  

Your American flag will last longer and fly prouder with regular cleaning.  Dirt and grime can degrade the fabric of your flag and lead to fraying. We only clean flags that are in good condition—unfortunately, we are not able to clean frayed or otherwise damaged American flags. 

Let us clean your flag today! 


Becky Zolton

Production Manager Becky Zolton

Do you have questions about Pratt Abbott’s Free American Flag Cleaning? Please contact our Production Manager, Becky Zolton. Becky is an expert in laundry and fabric care, and can answer any of your concerns. Click here to email Becky.