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Here are some of the many benefits of our old-fashioned, small-town approach:Free Delivery Greater Portland Maine

  • We clean all of your laundry, dry cleaning, and household items for the same price as in our stores, plus we pick  up and deliver at the location of your choice (for free).
  • You get exclusive access to your dedicated route driver who picks up and delivers all your items—call, text or email him any time.
  • You save gas money (plus preserve the environment and your safety) by doing one less errand in your car.
  • You don't have to remember to pick up the cleaning (or drop it off in the first place).
  • You have a steady supply of perfectly cleaned, pressed, tailored, mended, and otherwise spotless clothes, towels, sheets, table linens, slipcovers, curtains, rugs and more!

Join over 5,000 of your neighbors who are already using our service.

“We absolutely love our Pratt Abbott delivery service. We used it in South Portland for over ten years and have just moved to Yarmouth and are so relieved that we get the same reliable service here in our hometown. It’s one less errand for us to have to run during our hectic weeks. And I must absolutely mention the great customer service from Pratt Abbott’s drivers—they are over the top! One of them even brings dog treats for our dog! How sweet is that?” —Mandy, Yarmouth, ME

Sign up now for Pratt Abbott's free delivery in Greater Portland, Maine. Once you complete the form, one of our Route Specialists (Don, Jim or Tracy) will contact you to confirm your information and first pick up date.

We also deliver to your Greater Portland office!

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