Wash, Dry and Fold

Why do your laundry yourself?

laundryPratt Abbott’s Wash, Dry and Fold service is just like washing your laundry at home—only you don’t have to do any of the work!

First, we separate your laundry by color and wash it in dedicated machines according to your preferences. Then we dry your clothes in our gentle air-fluff dryers. Finally, we fold your clothes so they are crisp and ready for wear!

This service is perfect for:

  • Busy professionals
  • Working families
  • College students
  • Senior citizens
  • Tourists and visitors

Wash, Dry and Fold is available at any of our 14 locations, or with our Free Home Delivery service.

…All you have to do is put it away!


Becky Zolton

Production Manager Becky Zolton

Do you have questions about Pratt Abbott’s Wash, Dry and Fold service? Please feel free to contact our Production Manager, Becky Zolton. Becky is an expert in laundry and fabric care, and can answer any of your concerns. Click here to email Becky.