Best Uniform Styles for Warm Weather

Posted April 28, 2017

Stay Cool in Style this Summer

When the weather gets warm, keep your look current and your staff happy and comfortable with lightweight uniform choices. You uniform style depends a lot on the type of business you run, as well as the image you want to project to customers. Here are our top picks for spring and summer based on industry. 

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4 Steps to Avoid A Uniform Disaster

Posted January 19, 2017

What can go wrong when choosing new uniforms for your business?

Plenty! Just ask American Airlines. In case you haven’t heard, last fall American Airlines unveiled their first company-wide uniform update in 30 years. The change was heralded as a brand-unifying triumph. It was the first uniform update since American merged with US Airways, and the final, visible sign of the new, unified company. The new clothing was modern, fashionable, practical, and it projected the image American Airlines wanted: professional, technical, progressive.

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Uniform Spotlight: Crusher and the Maine Red Claws

Posted April 08, 2016

The Maine Red Claws are Portland's very own pro basketball team, and the only minor league team affiliated with the Boston Celtics. As part of the NBA's Development League (D-League), the Red Claws play serious basketball—minus the posturing  associated with some NBA players. The Red Claws play 50 games from November to April. Home games are held at the Portland Expo building and are always packed with family-friendly fun. You can also catch the games streaming live on YouTube

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How Local Foods Help Your Restaurant Menu Shine

Posted March 10, 2016

In the food scene, “local” might seem like the latest buzzword. But using local foods is more than just a trend. There are many benefits to sourcing food from the community around you. With just a small amount of creativity, you can serve your customers fresh ingredients from right in your own town, state, or region. In seasonal climates like New England’s, this can be more challenging than in year-round growth climates like California’s. But it can be done, anddone well, during any season. (If you doubt this, just ask the folks over at Vinland.) Read on for tips on how to incorporate local flavor into your restaurant menu.

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How To Get More Repeat Customers

Posted February 04, 2016

Any business owner can tell you that repeat customers are indispensable. They are your company’s biggest fans. They offer free word-of-mouth publicity, they come to your establishment week after week, year after year. They know the drill when ordering, and you don’t have to give them directions to the bathroom. If you don’t already have a strategy for locking down repeat business, that’s OK. Read on to learn why you need regulars and how you can retain customers for life.

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Uniform Spotlight: Santa Claus

Posted December 17, 2015

Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas! 

You might not know that Pratt Abbott has a Uniform and Linen division, but when it comes to the holidays there is one uniform that everyone recognizes: It's red and white, extra warm, and often comes in plus-sizes. To get into the Christmas spirit, we interviewed the big man himself, Santa Claus.  Visit Santa at the Maine Mall from 9am to 9pm now through December 24

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The Queen of Portland Stage

Posted December 10, 2015

Greater Portland is the lucky home of several local theaters.

For such a small city, we have a lot of talent and entertainment opportunities. Plays are especially popular during the holiday season. We found ourselves wondering, what goes on behind the scenes at a Maine theater? To find out, we caught up with Anita Stewart, the Artistic Director at Portland Stage Company. We learned about this season's production of The Snow Queenand what goes on backstage at Portland's preeminent theater. 

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How To Prevent Burns in the Kitchen

Posted November 25, 2015

As a chef or restaurateur, you probably see burns as an unavoidable job hazard. But even a greenhorn in the kitchen knows there are ways to minimize workplace injuries, especially where hot things are concerned. Following these tips could prevent disaster when things get too hot to handle backstage in a restaurant.

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Employee Spotlight: Kate Schools

Posted November 12, 2015


We consider ourselves New England's experts on uniforms.

We help businesses of all kinds choose the perfect staff uniforms that match function and style. And then we clean and maintain those uniforms day in and day out. But you know that saying about the cobbler's kids having no shoes? What if our own staff wasn't happy in their uniforms? We realized it was time to check in with one of our own to make sure her uniform is a pleasure to wear and makes her life easier.

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Uniform Spotlight: Messer Men Don't Mess Around

Posted October 08, 2015

Ever wonder where custom dump trucks come from?

Do you ever see a utility truck on the road and think, wow, where can I get a truck like that? Even if you don't work in plumbing or landscaping, everybody loves a cool custom vehicle. So we went to Messer Truck Equipment, your local source for custom truck and van work. We sat down with automotive technician, George Henderson, to learn about a day in the life of a Messer Man. 

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