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4 Tips to Remove Pet Hair [Video]

Posted March 26, 2018

4 Tips to Remove Pet Hair

How to Get Pet Hair Off Clothes and Other Fabrics

Picture this: You're heading out the door to work, wearing a nice pair of black pants and a dress shirt, when your beloved cat, Moxie, rubs against your legs and leaves a ring of hairs around your ankles. Then you realize you got dog hair on your pants and back while sitting on the sofa. You're covered in pet hair, with no time to change your clothes! Sound familiar?

Pet hair can ruin your professional look. Not to mention, it can send people with allergies running in the other direction. As much as we love our pets, pet hair is clearly a nuisance. So how can you quickly and easily remove pet hair from your clothes, furniture, and rugs? 

Watch this quick video for 4 tips to remove pet hair: 

Method 1: Lint Roller

This is fairly self-explanatory. Just use a fresh lint roller and pass it over your clothes (or sofa) in a downward motion. This should pick up a good amount of hair and get you out the door on time. 

Method 2: Moisture

Water makes pet hairs heavier so they won't stick to fabrics. There are a few ways you can use moisture to your advantage. We love the rubber glove trick, in which you pull on a pair of rubber gloves, wet them in the sink and shake off excess water, and then rub your clothes or furnishings with the gloves. Expect to collect balls of pet hair with this method. 

You can also: 

  • Use a damp sponge to wipe and collect pet hair
  • Spray clothes or furnishings lightly with water mixed with fabric softener, then wipe off
  • Use a sponge mop to remove pet hair from carpets (be sure to vacuum first) 

Method 3: Vinegar

When you're washing clothes that are covered in pet hair, add a 1/2 cup of white distilled vinegar to your rinse cycle. The vinegar will help relax the fibers in the fabric so they release the pet hair. 

Method 4: Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning is the best and most fool-proof way to remove pet hairs from clothes and other fabrics. Not only will it remove the obvious hairs, it will also take care of the dander—which is what causes allergic reactions. 

  • When your home is covered in pet hair, just remove your slipcovers, take down your drapes, roll up your rugs, and bring them straight to us!
  • You can also bring us your professional and dress clothes for eco-friendly dry cleaning. All of our cleaning is done using a safe and sustainable process that leaves your clothes fresh and clean, with no chemical residue 
  • While  you're at it, you might as well bring us your regular laundry for  wash, dry and fold .  Then your home will be pet-hair free! (For now...)

Do you have a favorite method for removing pet hair from your clothes or furnishings? Tell us in the comments! 

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