Fire & Flood Restoration

Certified Restoration Drycleaning Network (CRDN)

A smoke damage solution so perfect, it can restore your most precious treasures.

CRDN is part of the internationally recognized Certified Restoration Dry-Cleaning Network (CRDN). As such, we are an approved vendor for some of the world’s largest insurance companies, which rely on CRDN members to handle restoration dry cleaning catastrophes.

CRDN established guidelines guarantee quality, uniform pricing and customer satisfaction. Our guarantee is simple: if the garment doesn’t clean, it’s free.

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Fire or Flood Restoration Service of the Highest Caliber

A fire or flood in your home is a harrowing experience. The resulting odors, stains and mold can damage clothing, draperies and other household items and threaten your health. Even the smallest catastrophe, such as a puff-back from your furnace, can cause major damage.

Restoring clothing and fabric items, such as drapes that have been damaged by fire, water and mold require unique training and care for proper treatment. As your restoration dry cleaning specialists, we are prepared to deal with everything from towels to delicate items that have sentimental value, such as wedding dresses and other heirlooms.

Our dry cleaning experts use advanced technology and specialized procedures to restore a wide variety of difficult items such as suede, leather, shoes and purses. We have built a reputation for being able to restore items that other cleaners would declare unsalvageable. We work with insurance companies to offer responsive care and commitment for each customer.

Restoration costs only 16% of replacement costs. That’s why hundreds of Maine customers turn to CRDN of Maine first. We bring decades of professional cleaning experience and a 99% restoration service track record to every job. Our service features include:

  • More than 50 years experience in restoration services
  • We work with items that other cleaners would declare unsalvageable
  • Emergency on-site service
  • Room-by-room, itemized inventory
  • Direct billing to your insurance company
  • 48-hour rush turnaround of two weeks’ worth of clothing
  • 24-hour pick-up service, seven days a week
  • Long-term storage available
  • Our Guarantee: If an item doesn’t restore, we take it off the bill

Call (207) 729-4962 or email CRDN today to learn more.