Wedding Dress Cleaning & Preservation


A wedding dress cleaned by Pratt-Abbott before & after.

A wedding dress cleaned by Pratt Abbott.

After the Ceremony

“We got married in California and then did it again in Maine a week later. With all of the traveling, we only had two days to have the tux and wedding dress cleaned. Pratt Abbott had them ready to go Saturday morning. The delivery and pick up feature is really convenient. Definitely recommend them for whatever you need cleaned, garment-wise, for your wedding, before and after.”—Josh & Mary C. 

Wedding Dress Cleaning

Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime celebration. Enjoy every moment! Don’t worry about stepping on your train or spilling champagne on your skirt. After your ceremony, Pratt Abbott will pick-up your dress and clean it with gentle, personalized care.

We will evaluate your dress to determine the best cleaning method, based on the material, details and accessories, and quality of workmanship. Pratt Abbott inspects your wedding dress from top to bottom to ensure that every spot is detected and properly treated. Pratt Abbott hand-cleans your wedding dress, paying careful attention to all the noted stains. Your wedding dress is rinsed with high-quality, organic solutions consistent with the initial evaluation. 

Wedding Dress Preservation

Picture of wedding dress chest.

At Pratt Abbott, your wedding dress is preserved in acid-free paper and an acid-free wedding dress chest, according to the highest standards. Pratt Abbott uses the MuseumCare™ process certified by the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists and endorsed by the Association of Bridal Consultants. Your non-metallic accessories are included in the presentation. Your chest’s built-in viewing pane is the preferred method for revisiting your memories—until the time comes to share them with another.  

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